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25 Jan 2016 - Present
ITAS Tosi Agricultural Technical Institute - Codogno
I am working as full time teacher in support of these subjects: drawing, technology and maths.
Apr 2016 - Present
Università Popolare Magna Charta - sede di Piacenza
I am teaching in the course on "wedding and event management photography" at the second year of the course for wedding planners and event management.
22 Jan 2015 - Jul 2015
Università Popolare Magna Charta - sede di Piacenza
I taught in the course on Visual merchandising and window dressing.
album: "jurney in milan with my class", album: "window dressing".
8 OCT 2014 - 30 June 2015
IIS R. Pandini Technical High School - S. Angelo Lodigiano
I worked as a practical technical teacher in topography, technology and architectural building construction, appraisal and economy.  
OCT. 2014 - NOV 2014
Architects association of the Province of Lodi - Lodi
from 17 October to 7 November 2014 I held for the course of Interior photography for architects (16 hours).  
JUL. 2014 - 3 OCT 2014
arch. Natalia Shchedrova - MOSCOW
Collaboration with the architect Natalia Shchedrova in architectural projects, interior design, graphic design and photo retouching elaborations. portfolio of works with Natalia Shchedrova  
SEP. 2013 - GIU. 2014
Università Popolare di Cremona
Università Popolare Magna Charta, sede di Mantova
  From 21 October 2013 until mid-June 2014 I taught in four courses:
- "
Expert in company communication and web marketing for small and medium local companies":
Lectures on web communication and new interactions between company and clients.

- "
Interior design and interior decoration":
I hold lessons concerning furniture style, materials and a creative approach to the art of design.
- "Visual merchandising":
A long seminar on the idea of gestalt psychology applied to the composition and the practices of allocation of objects and images for windows and shops.
- A series of common lessons for students of the courses on "
Interior Design" and "Home Staging"; some lessons on CAD software "DraftSight” and photography of interiors with photo retouching software GIMP.
videos about my presentations at the following links:
presentation of courses in Mantua,
presentation of courses in Cremona, with my videos.
  LUG. 2013 - APR. 2014
Coral Point -Sellyt
  Company consultant, design of a website, web manager, web and graphic designer.
- Advicer for the organization of a company for the selling locally and on line of used stuff. Managing of the local and the online store, graphic design of the logo and the website, HTML and CSS programming, SEO, social media marketing.
- Corporate identity of the company: letterhead, communication, business cards.
- Managing of a photographic set for a professional quality pictures of objects.
graphic works for
  NOV. 2007 - MAY 2014
Banco Popolare

  Bank-group official appraiser for more than 540 real estate appraisals.
Valuation taken in different Italian provinces: Lodi, Piacenza, Pavia and Cremona

- residential and commercial buildings/complexes
- industrial complexes: factories, warehouses, building sites
- residential and industrial subdivisions, residential and building lands
- agritourisms, hotels, restaurants, meeting centers, sport centers, farms
- supermarkets, store centers
- biogas and solar power stations
Design of a web portal for data input and research of georeferential values for real estate purposes, aiming to create a source of comparable data. Realized with other appraiser of different provinces of the North of Italy.
Bank-group appraiser works
  JUL. 2012 - FEB. 2013
Cremona (CR) - Allianz S.p.A.
  Complete rebuilding of internal walls: design of new furnitures disposition, suspended ceilings, electric and heating systems for the new office of an insurance agency (gross floor area 170 sqm); managing of communication and marketing aspects, in Cremona. new office of an insurance agency  
  JUN. - SEP. 2012
Rottofreno (PC)
  Survey and graphical restitution of the present state of a rural house (XVII century) for a bio-climatic restoration project (gross floor area 220 sqm) placed in rural area close to Piacenza. restoration of rural house  
  NOV. 2011 - DEC. 2011
  Creation of a watermark for digital images for online publication. Delivering of a model layout of the source file for the creation of the automate to manage big amount of images in PS and the layout in low resolution. graphic design works for Arkadiaphoto  
  MAR 2010 – DEC 2010
Lumen Mec Illuminazione srl
Zelo Buon Persico (LO)
  Collaboration in the design of steel and glass lamps and production of detailed (descriptive and constructive) drawings for the manufacturing.
  01 AUG. – 15 SEP. 2009
Comune di Castelnuovo B.A.
  Technical consultant for private and public building in the council Public Works department.  
JUL. – SEP. 2009
Façade refurbishing, ground floor refurbishing, project for the use of the under roof volume, improvement of the controlled mechanical ventilation system in a small timber villa in Goteborg (Sweden).
OCT. 2008
Ente Scuola Edile - Piacenza
Teaching experience, "TECHNICAL EXPERT BUILDING SAFETY AND QUALITY” class. Bioclimatic and architectural subjects and examples of energy certification process.
10 O5 JUL.- 3CT. 2008
Comune di Castelnuovo B.A.
Refurbishment of a state elementary and secondary school: preliminary, definitive, executive projects and supervision of construction.
Final amount € 93.035,00. suppliers link, elementary school
22 JUL. 2006 - 19 MAY. 2007
Comune di Castelnuovo
Bocca d'Adda (LO)
Technical consultant for private and public building in the council Public Works department.
Refurbishment of a state elementary and secondary school: preliminary, definitive projects. Project for the extension of the local kindergarten.
NOV. 2006- GEN. 2007
bar stazione Codogno (LO)
Lighting design, project of interiors, suspended ceilings, graphic elaboration of decorations in digital print, project of the heating system of a railwaystation bar.
  7 OCT. 2006
Comune di Crotta d'Adda (CR)
Collaboration to the organization of a conference about a hystorical-urbanistic subject, held in a historical villa. Graphic design of the brochure, photo shooting, retouching and digital elaboration of images. brochure for Crotta Municipality
AUG. - SEP. 2006
FGA Architetti Milano
Managing and preparation of the second variant for the end of construction of a 7 floors residential building for 18 apartment and 36 underground garages in Sesto San Giovanni. Drawings and paperworks.
JUL. 2005 - FEB. 2006
IMT srl
International Multimedia Titles - Milano
Managing and preparation of the graphic design and commercials for the serie Artbook by Electa for the newspaper "il Giornale”;
- Commercial communication for the company Openjob
- preparation of some promotional articles for newspapers
- Editing of some Flash hypertexts.
works for IMT Milan
SEP. - NOV. 2005
ing. Mario Falloni - Cremona
Comune di Crotta d'Adda
Realizations of photographs, 3D models and photo-realistic elaborations for defying the environmental impact for the functional adaptation of the sewage treatment plant.
AUG. - SEP. 2005
FGA ArchitettiMilano
Acanthus Architects - London
Collaboration on the verification of the building regulations, redesign of tables and calculations of the preliminary project of a multi-store building of a public housing in Cinisello Balsamo. apartment building
JUL. 2005 - APR. 2006
Design of the studio logo, corporate identity, re design of the website with Flash interactive animations with creation of template for the presentation of images to the clients. graphic design works for Arkadiaphoto
MAY. - JUL. 2005 -
FGA Architetti Milano
Collaboration to the managing of the second variant, extension of the Cesate (MI) cemetery.
SEP. - DEC. 2005
FGA Architetti Milano
Design of the Logo, graphic and realization of the website, programming of the Flash/css code for the architectural studio.
2004 - 2006
Ghidini SpA - Gussago (BS)
Realization of  the website (Italian and English version) with Flash animations, design and organization of online catalogue and imagine photo retouching (700 products). graphic design for Ghidini Cipriano
FEB. 2004 - JUL. 2006
San Fiorano
Project and supervision of construction of a villa, designed in typical ‘900 period farmhouse style, in San Fiorano (LO). villa old style
2004 - 2005
TAU S.r.L. - Milano
Corporate identity (restyling logo, communication);
realization of the brochure of the studio
, photoshooting and editor of ll the texts; design of the studio website.
2003 - 2004
FGS Architetti - Milano
Project of transformation of an existing building in a residential building, shops and underground garages in Codogno (LO).
STI S.p.A.
- Milano
Team leader for the survey and production of drawings in AutoCAD, of public buildings in the Lombardy region.
2002 -2004
comune di Crotta d’Adda (CR)
Project, construction details design and supervision of the construction for the refurbishment of a farmhouse on the Adda River in Crotta d’Adda (CR). house on a river
2002 - 2003
Crotta d’Adda (CR)
Project of a development plan and a private street for 16/20 villas and 30 garages.
2003 - Comunità Montana
dell'Oltrepò Pavese
Design of a tourist informative map "where and when find different species and variety of fruit” for the Mountain community of Oltrepo’ Pavese.
1996 - 2003
Crotta d’Adda (CR)
Restoration of a country house for a shop, an office, 2 garages and three apartments. Restoration of a country house
Veleia Romana (PC) e altre location
"Octavia”: set designing, graphic elaboration with creation of photomontages for projections for a theatrical representation. First representation was held in the archaeological ruins in Veleja Romana, in Piacenza hills.
Comune di Corbetta (MI)
Collaboration in project of refurbishment of 6 rural buildings to be transformed in 49 apartments and boxes.
Preparation of the graphic documentation of the final project, verification of light and air circulation standards.
Austin Italia S.p.A.- Milano
Administrative paperworks and executive project of Sol Melià Hotel in Milan. Design and independent managing of every modifications of all the architectonic and executive drawings of the 6 floors.
Tekne S.p.A.ingegneria - Milano
Project of "extension of the finished product warehouse” Brill factory.
Praktiker commercial store in Brescia and Mestre,
Touristic village in Taranto.

14-15 SEP 2015
01-02 OCT 2015
06-07 OCT 2015
Specialized course at Èspero (Adobe Authorized Training Center) in Milan
"Adobe AfterEffects CC 2015" – entry level (16 hours).
"Adobe Photoshop CC 2015" – intermediate level (16 hours).
"Adobe Photoshop CC 2015" – advanced level (16 hours).

03, 10, 17 MAR. 2014
Course "Autodesk Revit" (12 hours).
15 FEB. 2013 Iscrizione albo CTU (architetti) Tribunale di Lodi.
Member of the official technical consultant (architects) board of Lodi Court.
  Workshops and conferences
25 JAN. 2014 - Workshop Florim Design Experience in Milan: "Food Retail Design".
16 NOV. 2013 - Workshop Florim Design Experience in Milan: "Spa and Wellness Design".
14 SEP. 2012 – International workshop, Padova: "ECOtechGREEN, CITY + LANDSCAPE" .
2, 3 DEC. 2009 - Course PHOTOVOLTAIC PLANT (16 hours):
Design, installation, Maintenance, Monitoring.
22 APR. 2008 – Workshop: "Integrated photovoltaic architecture, ecobuildings, energy efficiency", at the ENEA center in ISPRA.
28, 29, 30 APR. 2006 – Conference Solarexpo: "Green building", "low energy wooden ecological houses and solar houses", Vicenza.
18, 19 FEB. 2005 – workshop "Designing and building wooden floors and roofs", Verona.
18 OCT. 2007 – 14 DEC. 2007 corso per l'abilitazione alla certificazione energetica degli edifici
abilitazione 20 DEC. 2007.
Course for the qualification to energy certification of buildings
Enabling December 20th, 2007.
10 FEB. 07 - 15 MAY. 07 CSTA - Casalpusterlengo (LO) – Course of technical commercial English, 120 hours.
JUN. 2006 MOHOLE Laboratorio di linguaggi - corso di PHP - 32 ore.
MOHOLE Language laboratory- PHP course- 32 hours.
FEB. 2005 - FEB. 2006 Corso FSE - Politecnico di Milano "Società dell'informazione: comunicare attraverso l'interattività ed i nuovi media” 800 ore.
FSE Course -  Politecnico di Milano "Information society: communicate thought the interactivity and new media” 800 hours.
JUL. 2002 - FEB. 2003 Corso Regione Lombardia "Tecnico programmatore siti web e progetti e-commerce” 600 ore.
Lombardy Region Course "Technical Programmer Web sites and e-commerce projects” 600 hours.
1° sessione 1999 Politecnico di Milano - Esame di Stato per l'esercizio della professione.
Politecnico di Milano -  State Exam for the practice of the profession of architect.
30 MAR. 1999 Laurea in Architettura, Politecnico di Milano, ind. DSA titolo:
"Millennium Alliance: L'ecoestetica per una nuova etica del mondo-mercato"
Master Degree in Architecture, Politecnico di Milano, ind. DSA title: "Millennium Alliance: the ecoaesthetic for a new ethics of market world": mark:93/100.
Graphics/CAD: Quark XPress, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, AutoCad (2D, 3D), Archicad, Revit.
MS Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access.
Programming: Html/Xhtml, css.
Internet: Dreamweaver, Flash, Notepad++.
foreign languages Inglese ottima conoscenza parlata e scritta.
Excellent knowledge of spoken and written English.
From July I started to study Russian everyday.
Photography: Livello professionale pellicola B/N (ripresa e stampa), digitale, still life,
fotografia creativa.
Professional level, B/W film (shooting and printing), digital photography, still life, post-production special techniques, photo montages, creative photography.
Interests Arte, fotografia, cinema, computer grafica, architettura, disegno industriale,
comunicazione pubblicitaria.
Art, photography, cinema, computer-graphic, architecture, industrial design, commercial communication.
Travel abroad London, Dublin, Galway;
Berlin, Stuttgart;
Vienna, Linz, Spittal, Saltsburg;
Helsinki, Oslo, Stockholm, Göteborg, Copenhagen, Scagen;
Tokyo, Kyoto;
Moscow, Saint Pietersburg.
Extra professional activities ECOWEEK Milan 2011 - workshop di progettazione sostenibile che si è tenuta al Politecnico di Milano Bovisa dal 12/09/2011 al 17/09/2011 ho seguito un gruppo internazionale di studenti come workgroup leader sul progetto di un centro accoglienza e assistenza di bambini gravemente malati, il EARTH CHILD HOUSE a Villanova Monteleone (SS).
ECOWEEK Milan 2011 – sustainable design workshop at Politecnico di Milano Bovisa from 12/09/2011 to 17/09/2011. I managed an International group of students as workgroup leader on the project of a guest and assistant house for seriously ill children, the EARTH CHILD HOUSE in Villanova Monteleone (SS).

ECOWEEK Thessaloniki 2011 – workshop di progettazione sostenibile che si è tenuto a Salonicco (Grecia) dal 28/03/2011 al 02/04/2011 - partecipazione ad un gruppo di lavoro come young architect.
ECOWEEK Thessaloniki 2011 Sustainable design workshop that was held in Thessaloniki (Greece) from 28/03/2011 to 02/04/2011 – participation to a work group as a young architect -

Incarichi come supplente in scuole secondarie e superiori della provincia di Lodi.
Assignment as a substitute teacher in secondary and high schools in Lodi Province.

In collaborazione con ARKADIA FOTO e CHARM MODELS agency, organizzazione del workshop di fotografia a Goteborg:”Fotografi italiani e modelle svedesi”.
In collaboration with ARKADIA FOTO and CHARM MODELS agency, organization of the photography workshop in Goteborg:"Italian photographers and Swidish models”.

Membro della Commissione Internet Consulta Architetti Regione Lombardia.
Member of Internet commission of Consult of Architects Lombardy Region.

Organizzazione mostra: "il West di Tex, Incubi di provincia: G. Freghieri e Dylan Dog". Musei di Palazzo Farnese, Piacenza (Settembre ‘04).
Organization of exhibition "the west of Tex, province nightmares: G. Freghieri and Dylan Dog” (exhibition about two famous Italian comic characters with the participation of a famous cartoonist) Palazzo Farnese Museums, Piacenza (September 2004).

Racconti fantasy pubblicati su "29 Febbraio lo specchio dell’immaginario";.
Fantasy tales published on the monthly publication "February 29 the mirror of the imaginary”.

Seminari sulle tecniche cinematografiche tenuti all'I.T.A. di Codogno.
Seminars on cinematic techniques held at the I.T.A. in Codogno.

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